Eerie, Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

by Cheri Lucas Rowlands on November 1, 2013
Eerie. This word swirled in my head as I explored Merilee Mitchell‘s moody monochrome world in Tuesday’s post on black and white photography. Her reflection shot above, “Ghost Child,” gives me shivers. Look closer, and you’ll see faint evidence in the background of a ghost town — as well as a child, walking mysteriously across the frame.
This is a difficult challenge!  So what do I have in my archives…  Maybe this Rat Bike on the Poison Rally in South Africa is not entirely eerie…
IMG_0714 IMG_0759So I doctored a photo of a part of the Camino de Santiago just a little. Who knows, with a pilgrimage route older than 1000 years, what might be lurking around the next corner?